Healer Heal Thyself

Frequently, people ask, “If you are a healer–why don’t you heal yourself?”  Shaman, healer heal thyself.  It is conceivable, for the shaman when they adhere to the “doctors” orders.  Dr. Mikao Usui, knew that, natural healing energy is channeled through the hands of the Reiki Practitioner into the receiver’s body, where it promotes the body’s ability to heal itself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Improving the flow of life energy, the “healer” is a conduit for the energy force.  Healers know that by practice, belief, and strong intention anyone can heal themselves, and others.  You must be willing to examine yourself, who you are, why you get sick, and make the changes in order to get well.  Shamanic teachers are not going to share their information freely.  It is not because they are trying to take your money.  It is because you as a novice have to learn, and earn the teachings.  The teachings are more than words in a book; they come from learning the respect of the universal life force.  Learning to trust in spirit is one of the most difficult lessons any healer has to learn.  Healing on any level takes the shaman into dangerous realms personal areas are often hard to perceive.

Healing we get may not be the healing we desire.  Asking spirit for healing may not come in the form of a cure for the flu, or stomach ailments the shaman experiences.  Instead, spirit may answer a deeper healing that the shaman needs first, an ailment that could be a root cause for the main sickness. The shaman may have experienced trauma like war, rape, or torture, a near death experience, or even an in vitro experience before hearing the call of spirit.

Walking with spirit is a practice of constant learning and healing.  Spirit never stops giving the shaman new projects and lessons.  The experience gained in these lessons are part of the shamanic healing, and part of climbing the world tree, each branch takes the shaman higher into the realms of wisdom.  A person can have wounds going back through generations, and we do not generally recognize them as family patterns.  The appearance of these family wounds continue influence our lives today.  These wounds, can and do cause illness to surface, sometimes it can be as simple as reoccurring colds, headaches, or even a reoccurring ache.

To heal, the shaman has to first, let go of their ego and letting go of emotions this can be challenging.  Ego, selfishness, past emotions, unresolved issues, and of course love.  Look at all the baggage we hang on to, that hold the healing energy back, or block the good.  Be open to the idea of instant healing and be ready to let it happen, calling your guides to help.  Once you accept your actions, your healing can begin.  After you have activated your healing process, you must remain open, accepting, and grateful.

There are many things to work through while healing; this is one reason many shamans who are learning the path never quite make the full transition.  Another part of the ego self, the shaman has to be prepared to go through the death experience, and to be prepared to accept death when it actually arrives. The shaman may have to face death more than once to heal, as crossing the void might be where the shaman encounters the ancestors that have left their mark that now causes illness.  The shaman in the process of healing can accomplish all soul retrievals, extractions, psycopomp; it is just a matter the time it takes and dangers of finding the wounds.

Now, what does all this have to do with the shaman and self-healing you might ask?  While going through training, the shaman may have experienced many healings by their mentors.  These healing have prepared the shaman for their experience to face the outside world, and possibly helping other clients.  However, did the shaman heal?  Was the shaman completely ego free, and healthy themselves?  It is my belief that the answer to this question is “not completely”.  The mentors can only take the novice shaman so far in their apprenticeship.  Each shaman still has to take the leap of faith, and shed his or her ego-self, before healing.

The inner child, going beyond the veil so many years ago, was meeting allies and friends who continue to that point in time something shifts.  This is the first time ego-self appears; the child does not know the difference until peers start intimidating them.  Now the child begins to lose qualities of intuition, and trust in their spirit guides, and soul friends, the ego-self tells them it is not healthy to go beyond the veil any longer.  Childhood mentors unknowingly misguide the shamanic child, who then experiences many deaths before healing.  Our souls contain what we need to heal, it is with us from birth, by finding the access, we can heal those experiences and continue to activate the process of accepting where our intuition (spirit) steers us.    Activating healing takes on learning how to live and trust spirit all over again.  Trusting the inner-child and going beyond the veil to find answers to the mysteries with your allies again.

The next thing healer is learning to trust yourself, what to do next and trust you will succeed.  Manifest what will happen by believing in what will.  Do not wait for it to happen, take it into your hands and manifest.





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