Sidonia Nightsky

Hello, My name is Sidonia Nightsky, my gifts are practicing healing this includes soul retrieval, extraction work, helping souls cross, divination, rites of passage, and many other shamanic duties that spirit requires of me.
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    Registered in Ohio to preform legal weddings, hand-fasting, baby naming and intuitive counseling as a Minister with Universal Ministries.
    My linage began long before my birth as my ancestors traditionally practiced herbal wild craft, and the Irish or Bohemian rites.
  • Reiki Master Teacher: Linage Usi Reiki Matao/ Master teacher Scott Lichtman,
  • Shamanic Certification: Church of Earth HealingAstrology
  • Certification Lisa Huesman
  • Herbalist Certification Rosemary Gladstar

Teacher of the Old Religion, Reiki, Meditation, Hedge Witch,Herbs, and Healing Arts.
I am also the mistress of Hawks Landing Retreat Center, where I live and care for the land. Administrator of two Woman’s Circles. Dedicated to the Maiden Mother and Crone. A place for women to network, share, and feel they belong. I also lead a second physical circle called Wise Women Sisterhood established this year. These two groups are both dedicated to women working with spirit, learning how to grow and transition through life with their power.
The group memberships are free. However, all members must be approved, and invited.Local Women’s Group with in a 50 mile radius.

The Wise Women’s Sisterhood formed to cultivate the work and teaching of wise women and healers. Book discussions and reviews, women’s news, healing, medicinal, and spiritual interests. Sharing healing, sending prayers, holding ceremonies in-group and virtually via an internet event. Discussing the issues of a female nature, health, sexual, and well-being are easier when in the company of like-minds such as, the maiden, mother, and the crone. Information related to the (hedge witch) wise woman, sharing spirit, love, art, and related information from a wise woman’s perspective.
The group is supportive of battered and abused, (and homeless) women who are going through difficult times and who need help. Including Teens, looking for help or have questions that they are afraid to ask at home. Education is the best form of prevention. If we do not have answers, we will get them.
Disputes and differences of opinion must be settled peacefully, if necessary, an arbitrator will intervene. All information must be informative, shared without bias, and words used with thought. We are all part of The Great Mother and know the “law of what goes out comes back”. As Wise Women use good judgment, are considerate, and respectful of others and shrewd.
Meetings are held once a month, and two collaborative circles held on World Goddess Day, and Imbolc.
New members are invited to attend one meeting and decide for themselves. The membership is free.

Telephone: (740-) 740-596-4288 
Mailing Address: PO Box 81 McArthur, Oh 45651