The next Sister Circle Date has not been set in stone yet.  Tentatively on March 5th there will be a planning coffee, with a short ceremony, to discuss the upcoming year and future events.


Plans will be announced here and such as the theme changes activities that are planned for out event.   The past circles were very successful with just a few attending, we still held a powerful circle.   

“Shamanic Wise Woman”  is written for women specifically, as a mentoring connection for women wanting to connect with other like minded people.  Sidonia Nightsky invites you to read the blog, and information shared from other pages.  Feel welcome to comment as your input is welcome and inspires more writing.  See the pages About and About Sidonia Nightsky for more information.  Updates will be made on a regular basis, recommend checking back often.   This page is not closed to public view, it is open to anyone who chooses to read it, or comment, although it is directed to the women who celebrate the blood rights.

On September 11, 2016 The Shamanic Wise Women, and Wise Women Sisterhood celebrated the annual World Goddess Day . 

THE WORLD GODDESS DAY PROJECT emerged to unite the Mother Goddess’ worshipers world wide through their many expressions and manifestations.
For more information please contact contact Sidonia.   goddess day


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I love that you have a page dedicated to shamanic women. Cool! I just signed up. I have a novel, Child of Duende, coming out soon. It is in many ways a woman’s soul retrieval in the form of a novel. I began a blog recently that tells the healing and spirit story behind the writing of my novel: http://www.michadam.wordpress.com. Check it out if you want. Thanks for having a site like this.

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