The Wise Woman’s View

(through the eyes of a Crone)

This is through the eye of this woman, a shaman, an intuitive, and wife this knowledge is shared. Sharing with you what the elders, ancestors, Creator, teachers, and allies are passing on to you. The goal is not to use the words of other shamanic practitioners, but from integrating the knowledge accumulated through training and spiritual guidance. Never the less, occasionally words of the wise are examples that will receive appropriate credit.

Transitioning, through the wheel and the phases of life, women experience the maiden/mother/crone phases of the moon. With the phases and the tides, the shifts and cycles seem to happen on averages of seven years. Through the first seven years, girls are dependent on their family and then slowly begin the transitioning. The next seven years are dolls, learning boys are cute, going to school, and suddenly the blood mystery appears and maidenhood.

Many psychologists tell women how to raise their family. One that women are very familiar with is Dr. Spock and of course Daniel Siegel. Every woman must have received Dr. Spock’s book at the Dr.’s office, if not at a baby shower. Not condemning or condoning these books, as they do offer the new mom good advice especially when there are no elders to help.

Historically from stories handed down from crone, to mother, to maiden— the new mothers learned, the wheel and phases of life and the moon traditionally inherited. Sitting together sharing time with other women, often in the “Red Tent” or “Women’s Lodge”, lessons of the blood power, and the woman’s ways, sharing their linage and secrets. Stories that reflect some of these experiences are Cave of the Clan Bear, by J.M. Auel series. A Medicine Woman Speaks, by Cinnamon Moon, and Women Who Run With Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, to name only a few.

A person experiences several transitions through the average cycles of the wheel. Look at these cycles and compare it with the seven chakras, interesting?
A few brief examples:

The first chakra, “I have”, it is the foundation of all a person will be everything those first seven years will affect the rest of life. Until learned, there are many things to fear.

The second chakra “I feel”. No matter the gender, this is when hormones begin to kick in, and exploring new freedoms start. These years are full of creativity, before the influences of others affect imagination. Learning responsibility and right from wrong, is just beginning.

The next 7 years, and the third chakra, “to act” teaches survival and transformation from adolescence into adulthood. This is a time of coming of age, when certain freedoms like marriage and voting are legal. It is also a time to continue education. Many women can become mothers during this time, some may choose careers, and some will wait to raise families.

The fourth 7-year cycle the body has reached physical adulthood. In addition, it is time to work on emotional maturity “I love”. Emotional ties takes on new meaning, as sincerity and heartfelt, security builds strong relationships.
Now the fifth cycle “I speak”, or chakra center is responsible for our will and power. Diplomacy, and there is power in words.

Nirmal Dham diagram credit (2012)chakra map

The sixth energy center or chakra “I see” leads our way during these 7 years of our life the time when to think life over and become wise. During the sixth phase, it becomes easier to look past the obvious to see things for what they are, people become more transparent, and our vision opens fully to intuition.
The seventh chakra “to know”, of a human body is the one responsible for our connection with cosmos and higher self. During these years, we need to establish ourselves in the new ideology directed towards fulfilling our potential. At this phase, we become teachers; the years prior taught us the connection to higher self. This cycle can become the source for inspiration, creativity and new ides when we see what we can offer to the world. This is the unique cycle of rediscovering oneself and the world around us. These years elevate a person to the elder levels to becoming the wise woman.

The integration of the cycle of seven, extends to 52 weeks in a year, if you multiply the 52 weeks by 7, it equals the 364 days of the year. There are 7 days in a week, and 28 in a moon cycle (4 weeks). As you might guess, this cycle, and the transitions that women experience are all related. Seven comes around.

These cycles pass from one generation to the next through our DNA, through the linage of the ancestors. Once a person reaches the phase of “Elder and Wise Woman”, their stories have the potential to direct and teach those who are still transitioning. The community, family, and tribe for inspiration, praise, and support look up to these elders.

The Indigenous Wise Women did not have access to Dr. Spock while raising their young. Women shared the responsibility with their families (if they could), and with each generation of woman, they continued to work on their own responsibilities to family. Women use/used the knowledge that was intuitive, self-taught, of ancestors, or shared by a mentor. This linage is our heritage from generations of the sacred feminine. Wise women, preparing the way for the next generation.

Love and light

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