Plant Spirits

Spiritual Plants   There is little evidence showing herbal practices of medicine before Babylonia and Egyptian herbalist.  The details of the anatomy, diagnosis, treatments, herbs, and salves became treatments for ailments, parchment records are the oldest surviving evidence.  The midwife, shaman, or healers (mostly women) passed their skills to apprentices mostly in words.   The … More Plant Spirits

No Thought

The Stillness of No Thought This is a guided meditation that you can use and adapt as you like to your own practice. Stillness Breathe… Hold the quiet, off in the distance hear the surrounding sounds… distant… out there somewhere… just listen… Breathe… the stream flows, get to know the quite space of being without … More No Thought


This New Year will result in change once again politically (and spiritually) as we prepare to elect a different president. As Women of Wisdom, it is important to prepare the next generation to know and understand what control this country’s leaders have over the population. Teaching at home is as important as the teaching in the school systems. (While saying this) I am also reminded that spirituality is also important, to be taught at home and community. … More Imagine