Allies the Seventh Element

Allies and Art Seventh Element Art—

My best friend and ally as a little girl (invisible to everyone else), shared everything.  Our favorite places hidden from others, we traveled; we spent time drawing, singing, and dancing.  We would write stories about our adventures.  Today—guess what, we still do!

Through the entrance to the other-world, the shaman steps into illusory reality, the shaman’s wanderings through three worlds in ecstasy.  Visualization is the take-off point, and the creativity stems from there, art is or will be the result.  Developing the artistic or creative skill is achievable; it is not necessary to be born an artist, (having it in a person’s blood).  Children are often very creative (and intuitive) in the developmental years, from age one until approximately 10 years old.  After this time, those around them influence their creativity, with opinions.  This is where many give up using creative skills, (intuition), and the sensitivity to these elements become dormant.  Learning to see again, or use the childlike mind again is possible when a person allows himself or herself to tap into the right hemisphere of the brain.  What causes loss of the artistic ability, how can a person connect again, and feel fulfilled?  Journey to the center of right brain and find the Seventh Element for personal satisfaction.

The childlike mind takes play dates, may listen to loud music, color outside the lines, tell wild fantastic stories.  “When we journey to the depths of the right brain what beauty we find (S.  Nightsky)?  ”   The journey may take the traveler to meet an ally with such talent as Monet, Beethoven, or maybe Robert Frost… teachers in the spirit realm that support and mentor the artist’ within.  Yes, there will also be others on the pilgrimage working alongside the artist as the ecstasy reveals the underlying element of art.  The journey can be achieved through dream states, or through guided meditation as long as the traveler is opens.

Myth, Fairy Tales, and Folk Lore came about from illusory reality.  Travelers meet all sorts of people be they allies, or foe in another worldly realm.  Cinderella, Prince Charming, the French, German, English, and Romani have shared many a tale.  People everywhere have told stories of their own lives and allies.  Each story told from a state of consciousness, to bring personal satisfaction to those around them.  This form of writing is an art form, an ecstatic element…

The Seventh Element, a continuation of my personal art journey… reading, writing, and creating.

015Sidonia Nightsky (C) Aug. 9 2016