No Thought

The Stillness of No Thought

This is a guided meditation that you can use and adapt as you like to your own practice.

Hold the quiet, off in the distance hear the surrounding sounds… distant… out there somewhere… just listen…

Breathe… the stream flows, get to know the quite space of being without thought
Okay, your mind is full too many things going on chatter, let all the chatter follow the bubbling stream rushing by, glistening in the sun…
Let your breath slow down, and watch as the stream of water slows down to match your breath, your thoughts slowing down to match. Breathe…
Let a rhythm begin, focus on your breath and the movement of the water rolls in and out with your breath to and fro like the water to the shores of the stream …
Center yourself… Breathe… feel yourself surrounded by a protective cocoon of love and light.
If a thought comes along let the currents of the water carry it on like a leaf floating by don’t try to stop them, just let them pass…
You are going to stand at this river and simply watch it. This river is your logical mind. The part of you that takes care of the practical matters at hand, monitors everything you do, and seeks to control your world.

if one particular thought is louder than another and does not want to keep on flowing by, silently tell it you will pay attention to it later…    after this exercise.

Envision a raft if you must, and firmly place this thought upon it and send it on down the river. Assure it you will talk to it later and wish it a nice float.
Focus on your breath, and breathe in deeply the energy of stillness as you continue to watch the river of your thoughts.
As you stand within your shield, you may begin to feel a difference in how you think and feel than what the river is thinking. There is a stillness around you that is unaffected by the noisy thoughts of the river. You hear the thoughts, but you are not swept away by them.
Keep breathing. Notice how this energy of stillness is connected to your breath. When you breathe with the intention of stilling yourself, the stillness is empowered. You may now begin to feel your heart beating and pulsing within you.
You will begin to sense a space between each thought. A pause.
You can activate this stillness within you wherever you go. You do not have to be tranquil in a room with a candle and soft music. You can create this inner stillness when you are working, shopping, out in public, hiking, and walking. All you have to do is breathe.
As you stand beside the river of thoughts, behind you forms a tranquil pool. It is formed from the stillness of Your Mind. The Mind of Your Higher Self.

Continue to focus on your breathing, allowing the image of the tranquil pond to grow.
Now you are standing in-between.

The space in-between.

On one side is the noisy river of your logical mind. On one side is the tranquil stream of Your silent spiritual Mind.
Your heartbeat is pulsing to the same beat and tone as the tranquil stream. Every time your heart beats, a ripple of Oneness moves silently through the tranquil stream.
You now realize the stream of stillness is a mirror of your own soul Heart. You have now stepped out of logical mind, and into true Mind. Into the Heart of the matter.
As the teardrop being that you are, sit beside the pool of stillness and dip your toes into its’ silent waters. Allow yourself to feel your Heart beating. Linger here as long as you like.
Continue breathing, evenly. It’s okay if you are not quite “getting it” like you want to this first time. Working with these visuals will help set up triggers in your thinking that allow the still Mind to come forth. Just doing this exercise has already gotten you thinking about the possibility of no-thoughts.

Keep working with it and “imagining” having no thoughts. Pretty soon you will.
When you begin to have “no-thoughts”, it will seem strikingly different. It may only happen for a flash of an instant in the beginning. Then you will be so excited and your mind will scramble trying to hold onto that pure and perfect moment. Relax. You will have more. They seem to grow upon each other and spread, one drop at a time.


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