Shamanic Woman Sacred Circle
Anyone in The Appalachian Ohio community that is looking for a Women’s Circle, to connect: we are accepting interested members. You may invite your shamanic women friends, daughters, granddaughters, and nieces to this group. As wise women we have much to share and offer other women. Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The group is private, and we share only with those who have been invited and approved.  The Shamanic Wise Woman is open to like-minded women only by invitation, and approval.
Remember this group is related to the shamanic wise woman, created to share spirit, love, art, and related information from a shamanic wise woman’s perspective. Between friends, far and near privately and unsolicited. If you need help we are here for each other. Although the group is closed, each woman here has become friends. We respect each others privacy and if you need a place to share, we are here for each other. We are all part of Mother Earth, and know the law of what goes out comes back.
It is okay to be starting out on the shamanic path.  Or learning about the hedge witch ways (paganism, wicca).   I will post a more personal introduction next.

Love and Light my dears.

Sidonia Nightsky~

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