Finding Time


Up at 7 AM, off to the races, feed the masses, get ready for the day, get on the road, and deal with the traffic.  Run errands, such as post office, bank, stores, rush home, or spend eight hours working and then do the above.  Don’t forget pick up the children…  Oh, my… time to cook dinner, or run out for fast food.  Continue with homework, housework, laundry, and possibly get in an hour of quality time.  Day after day… , where is the time for creative work?  Again, although there is creativity going on inside that heart or brain there is nothing left, no time or energy to produce.  How can you make time for those activities after you’ve clocked out for the day?

Time Management

Time Management is taught in college to help a person learn how to schedule and plan their tasks throughout their workday.  Going  to school with a full time job or full time family does not leave a lot of study time. It is important to learn about working efficiently, and making the best of what time is available. “Time management.”  Saving time saves money and increases revenue and increases production. pocket-watch

Be True to You

Sometimes we do certain things because we think we should do them—because they’re trendy, because our friends are doing them, or because we have a degree or specific training in something.  Ignore all that noise, and instead listen for the voice nudging you in a certain direction, rather than focusing on what you think you should do. It’s okay to do things that are outside what has to be done.  It’s okay to try something wacky or weird or offbeat because it is what YOU want to do, it pleases your interests.

Rediscover Recess

Remember being in grade school and having an hour of recess to just run, play, and jump?  Why don’t we do that anymore? Carve out a little time each day or each week for play, be it going for a spontaneous hike in the woods, color in a color book, or dancing freestyle in your living room.  Julia Cameron who wrote “The Artist’s Way” spoke of taking “play dates”.  Scheduling a day to do something that you like to do, shop, sit and watch a movie, go to the park for a walk…  Pencil a personal recess time on the calendar a few days a week to ensure that time to play.  Use the time for personal inspiration, the creative side of us, and some of our best ideas will come during this time. . 80d5b500ddb2713d4434f5a2bd8df4c9

Consider Making a To-Do List

A to-do list is really effective for making sure you make time for your passions.  There’s conflicting opinion about this, some people think to-do lists cannot tolerate to-do lists, but for me having a to-do list keeps me on task and focused on achieving my goals.  If I go off track, tomorrow is another day.   This is a good reason to carry a journal or notebook to write down those notes (and dreams) !  Lists help keep us on track, and eventually things on the list do get accomplished.  Yes, I do have a journal, actually have more than one.

Make Your Passion Work for You

Find a time that works for you and make your passion a priority. Once you re-discover your passions they become critical to your happiness, you may find yourself needing to re-prioritize your overall schedule.  If you’re a morning person and find you’re fired up to work on your passion before you head to work, that’s awesome. Or, perhaps you like to burn the midnight oil, in which case evenings may be a good time to pursue your passion.  Journal—“The Artist Journal” is a good example to get started if you don’t know what to write.  Starting the journal can be as easy as doing a bullet list of what you intend to do.  The “To-Do List”,  or bullet list is just that.  Write your intentions; what you are grateful for, why you want to make time for yourself… the list can go on and on…


I believe that if we pay attention to our gut and listen to our truth, we can hear it speaking loud and clear. However, passionate pursuits take time to hone and develop, especially if we’ve allowed them to sit on the back burner while we’ve been tending to other, more practical things. Don’t beat yourself up for this; instead, focus on pursuing the passion that is truly yours. If you listen for it, it will speak; and if you nurture that passion, it will grow.

Working a day job while discovering and pursuing your passions demands a lot of time and focus, but they are equally fundamental human needs—one for economic stability and the other for self-actualization. For many of us—especially those with a lot of creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit—balancing our career and pursuing our dreams are critical to leading a full, enriched life.

That time-management allows us the ability to use the creative drive applying “the seventh element”.  Time management is about having enough time for what matters most to you. Time management is really “personal management” and it is a skill necessary for achieving better quality of life.

Be Creative, take the time and make a play date!   Happy New Year!

Sidonia Nightsky (c) 2016


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