The Urban Dictionary: defines clean slate as “Starting anew, with a fresh approach.  A clean slate begins with the action of ‘wiping the slate clean’.

After spending many months dawdling…or procrastinating as many would say.  It is time to get resolute, creating content that sparks curiosity to have you read the contents of Shamanic Wise Woman.  At its foundation, procrastination is usually based on some kind of fear.  There is the possibility that the post will do badly or completely fail, because of absence of skill or making an effort–fear.  In that case, is it rational to put the task off, or learn by getting information and training, and practicing?  Taking the rational route — do not let the fear, (even if it has some basis in reality), get in the way.  Ground, center, and shield, then take the first step, fail, or succeed write interesting content!  Everyone feels a turmoil invading our space; fear from instability faces all civilizationclean-slate

Confronting fear—women more often than men, encounter situations present daily that present difficult obstacles.  For example, driving to work, traveling alone, going to lunch alone, or even an encounter with a doctor can result in panic attacks, or even not leaving home.  Fear can be very debilitating.  Everyone has fears, although, not all fears need be debilitating as some are brought about from the result of a trauma that person encountered and internalized.  Fears can lead to deep-seated illness, stomach problems, heart problems, depression, possible psychological problems.  Often the person feels as though something is out of place, their life out of sync.  Fear of who to trust with how things feel.

Today, everyone feels turmoil invading our space; fear from the instability faces all civilization.


Instead of reacting to the mayhem and fear of those other individuals, you can go inward within yourself, and create a safe space in your heart find solace knowing you are not alone.  Trust in spirit, creator, for safe harbor, and turn fear over to the creator.

During this unstable time of transition, a person’s shield is weak; some become damaged from traumas in life past and present.  The suffering of trauma causes soul loss—and loss of personal power to ward off illness.  Shamans call on spirits and the allies to help restore portions of the soul; the shamanic healing is part system that works with other modalities helping the person heal.  Thus — Soul-loss is the result of a deep-seated trauma debilitating or unknown feeling of something that is not right, causing problems, draining energy, causing fears.


The shamanic practitioners work in the realm of spirits.  They do not call themselves shamans; if one achieves success in shamanic healing, the community may name him or her a shaman.  The basic worldview is that there is not just one reality; there is the generally agreed-upon physical reality we inhabit, but there are other invisible realms.  Those are different for every visitor, filled with animated human, plant, and animal spirits.  Shamans summon these to help heal people’s souls.

Everyone is in turmoil, the shamans are working to heal the earth, the people, and the shamans are working to heal the soul loss.

This is vital work for the times we live in.  The earth wants her children home and she wants them home now.  It is time to come back home again and take our rightful place on the earth.  It is our birthright to fully express our souls and create the world we want to live in.  And it is our birthright to shine as brightly as the stars above us.  It is time to share our light again in the world.  (Ingerman, S. 2012).

Here follows an exercise to create safe space with-in and shield against being drained and overpowering fear.

  1. Find a space where you can be quiet for a while.


  1. Relax and calm yourself, release any stresses or tensions that you feel and relax.


  1. Breathe; take in a few deep breaths.


  1. Focus your mind on creating an energy shield using light from source.


  1. For this shield, visualize and tangibly feel yourself surrounded by a wall of mirrors – around, over and under. The mirrors face out.  If you feel there is negative energy that is directed towards you,  see that it is being reflected back outwards.


  1. Feel this shield completely sealed around you, and that no external negative energy can enter. This is your shield.


  1. Now, make the intention to only allow love to pass through, in or out of your shield.


  1. While you are inside the shield, visualize yourself surrounded and embraced by the energy of white light, and feel it connecting you to the earth.


  1. Sense and feel the completeness of the shield, being grounded to the earth and holding this in place with your intention.


  1. Note how the shield and grounding feel, this will make it easy to recall later when you want to repeat shielding and grounding.  112

Make creating personal energy shields as part of your morning ritual.   The Mirrors Protection Shield is also excellent if you need to go into a crowded space. Protect yourself before entering a public space example the mall or grocery store.


Sidonia Nightsky~

©2017 S. Nightsky




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