Spiritual Diversity and Holistic Management

Dear Wise Women

It is January 23, 2016, A full Wolf Moon out there.  Walked the land today, grounding and gathering wool as they used to say…

Winter light
Winter light 2016 (c)

Honestly, wondering where this post will take us, the energy the past week has really been scattered with a variety of different activities. The activities include Candle making, at Broadwell Hill Learning Center, working on January paperwork, going to the Doctor’s (that is multiple), at multiple locations, and networking with amazing new connections’.

Being active has its positive value, as it provides mind candy. New things to integrate, mull over, and incorporate into the daily systems.

The first session of candle making was successful. Kathy Jacobson’s experience with turning the wheel for the “Candelaria’s Transition Tapers”, is undeniable. The skills, quality, patience, and teaching ability she has are striking. After the first session, I anticipate the “Full Moon Session” on January 23, 2016 to see the candles completed, and the activities surrounding the day.

What I personally took away from the first gathering of the “Appalachian Alliance of Circles”, is comradely of similar yet diverse spiritual interests, goals, and feminine interests. The other shared interest is working in community holistically. This first attempt at meeting, and networking is small, the “Circles” are still in formation, including the Alliance. Allowing some diversity, by allowing the involvement of men at some events is still up for consideration. More on the subject later.

mother maiden crone

Returning to the subject of Holistic Management, and how does this relate to the discussion going on here and now? Having a BA in Management, the subject of Holistic Management tweaked my interest, as the subject came up during the Candelaria event. Holistic Management has to do with a rounded plan, simply put businesses, individuals, family, groups, in a community, and so on, can benefit. The holistic approach uses different methods to plan and accomplish goals.

Applying Holistic Management to communication for example, being able to communicate effectively is important, as is the ability to listen. Everyone has to work together, and the process takes having your eggs in a row and knowing what to say. People affect other people by the words they use. This is just one small example. Words can have more than one meaning, and the effect (affect) can be costly.

For example take “Diversity in Spiritual Practices”, and communicate about what it means, this a good discussion in fact. What does Diversity in Spiritual Practices mean for you? Before you answer think about the words a few minutes there are three words, each can and do have a stand-alone meanings.

• Diversity– Variety Assortment Multiplicity Range Variety Jumble
• Spiritual– Mystical Divine Otherworldly Psychic Religious Holy Saintly Sacred Devout Heavenly
• Practice– Carry out Rehearses Prepares Exercises Attempts Undertakes Tests Performs Applies Follows Observes Ritual

Now, what does “Diversity in Spiritual Practices” mean for you? The words above are just some of the choices you can apply for meaning. For the time being, let us move along, while you think about each of those words.

In previous posts, I wrote about my linage. What I did not add to that linage, during my childhood it was believed, that becoming Catholic was the “right thing to do” as there were also family members following that faith. Eight years of Catholic grade school, taught by nuns, and church every day of the week. It did not stick!

Who wrote the bible? Who edits the bible? A man, a priest, men of religion, who wrote that women belong in the home taking care of the children and the men, and who picked the apple to create all evil?
Take no false gods before me. Too many unanswered questions.

For me, the veil was thin and my intuition was active most of the time. On October 31, I celebrated “All Hallows Eve”. Nov. 1st “All Soul’s Day”, betwixt the two, the veil was thin, and the spirits crossed to visit. At least my Auntie understood my gifts and that I was carrying the linage. She sympathized and supported, allowing me to share my experiences with her.

A spiritual life can be very rewarding depending on you. No one can lead your heart to Great Mystery. If you want to believe, and most people do—there is a universal being, creator, goddess, god whatever you personally want the Great Mystery to be for you. What you put into believing also known as manifesting, is what you get back. If you put nothing in… if you put bad in… if you put your all in… you can and will eventually get back. It may not be exactly what you expect or want, but you will get back what you put in. This to me is Holistic Management in brief, not the written word it is karma.

I practice Shamanism, as a Shaman I have allies and teachers. The Earth Mother is one of the Goddesses, Gaia. There are other goddesses and gods, and one great creator. As a shaman, through ecstatic trance I enter into other world realms where the allies and teachers work through me to heal and work on levels with the soul. Shamanism is a practice not a religion.shamans hood

Ok… What is “Diversity in Spiritual Practice”?

Religious diversity is the fact that there are significant differences in religious belief and practice
Internet encyclopedia
Do I agree with the above answer? Not really, there should be more to the answer, which philosophers have been debating on now for years. This I think is where the problems begin with tolerance, and differences of opinion. If everyone got along and could “Coexist” culturally and religiously, our world would be a much happier place.

One new addition to this blog is a weekly meditation, specifically on Mondays. It will be up to you how much time you put into meditating. Spend at least five minutes after reading the quote in meditation. These meditations will appear in the near future most likely on the HOME page. The instructions for meditation will be included each week.

The hazards created by the snow, kept us from participating in the Full Moon Event at Broadwell Learning Center this Saturday January 23, 2016. The cancellation of plans to help turn the wheel, and continue the process through completion was a disappointment. However, holding space at home was a safer experience.

Ok, the topic hinged on the full moon, and the five planet alignment. What more can I tell you? Holistic Management, Religious Diversity, and a snow storm will cause a person to be manic.

Enough?  For now.  Watch for Monday’s Meditation…

Love and light~


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