Shakti Woman

Shakti Woman: Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World The New Female Shamanism Paperback July 19, 1991 by Vicki Noble $15.61 Review Written By: Sidonia Nightsky Shakti Woman by Vicki Noble and published in 1991. As the creator of the Mother Peace Tarot Deck/Book, she refers to those publications frequently in Shakti Woman along with her … More Shakti Woman

Book Reviews for You

Let us share what you think of the books you have been reading.  This page is for books on Spirituality, Shamanism, Women’s issues, Politics, Sustainability, Herbalism, and Readings of Wise Women.   More will be added to this directory as winter progresses.  Have you read any good books, and would you like to add your review?  … More Book Reviews for You