Remembering: Goodbye with Love (a break from my regular blog)

I read your blog post here about your father. The goodbye is difficult, it took years before I could forgive and feel healed after the loss. Today though, it is his journey of spirit that was tormented causing him pain and and remorse. I can forgive, his life was filled by a sadness, losses, and a need for healing. It is unfortunate his tortured life brought suffering to his family. May they find peace now. Aho~

Michelle Adam

(1/13/2019): The memories came flooding back to me today…holding my father’s hand, still warm with a gentle pulse, as I lay my head down at his side on the hospital bed inside the living room. He was finally sleeping after the on-and-off pain he endured due to the melanoma that spread blisters up his legs and the immense pain in his legs due to some ailment doctors could never pinpoint.

My father and I had been through so much in those last years of his life—trying to stitch together the pain of earlier years into peace and love. And here he was, in early February, this month two years ago, fighting for his life that was preparing to go. He knew. I knew it. Or at least his spirit knew it was time, for months earlier, when he lay in the hospital room, the day the doctors diagnosed him with…

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