Ancestress of the Magical Reindeers

Wonderful story, a must read for anyone interested in shamanism.

Soul Dreamers

four deer

The Ancient Saami – In the Folktales of the Meandash, the Mythic Saami Reindeer people, a Meandash young woman and the mother of Meandash, speak of an old wise and experienced woman (which in ancient Finno-Ugric tradition is a shaman woman). The Meandash-nijt lives in a human form and only becomes a reindeer upon the crossing the river of blood. She settles in Meandash land with her children whom she has said: “You are meandash – the reindeer” as well as her nameless younger children (reindeer calves). No father is mentioned in this ancient folktale, and the children did not feed on grass and lichen, as a reindeer would, but instead went hunting, (i.e. followed the traditional life of the ancient Sami.)

The old (shaman) woman took the shape of a reindeer and fooled around with the horned animals and got pregnant and gave birth to a reindeer child, the child was strong and healthy and soon started to help his mother…

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