Carpathian Shamans – Ukraine Molfar & Polish Szeptuchami, Whisperer’s Magical Rites

Adding this to the Shamanic Wise Woman, as it reflects the history of female shamanism. There is not enough information about women and their heritage. It is interesting to read, and see the videos of actual elders practicing. Well worth reading, and sharing. Thank you for writing this Blog. Nightsky~

Soul Dreamers

ukraine bird

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain   The Boyko (Бойко) is a Ukrainian and Polish ethnographic group located in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine and Poland.  The Boykos inhabit the central and the western half of the Carpathians in Ukraine across such regions as the southern Lviv Oblast (Skole, Turka, Drohobych, Sambir and Stary Sambir raions), western Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (Dolyna and Rozhniativ) and parts of the northeastern Zakarpattia oblast (Mizhhiria), as well as the adjacent areas of southeast Poland and northeast Slovakia. Parts of Southern Poland at the Ukraine border, at one time was Ukrainian lands, and when the land was divided, some far southern groups of Polish people have Ukrainian ancestral lineages like myself.

The term “Ukrainian” replaced the term “Ruthenian” in Eastern Ukraine and became more common among Western Ruthenians/Ukrainians, including Boykos, as well. According to the recent census practically all Boykos in Ukraine declared their ethnicity as Ukrainian and only 131 person…

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