The Holistic Moon

Thanks to a dear friend I have to reblog. This is a wonderful post about the moon. Thank you for sharing. And allowing me to reshare this on my blog! Nightsky~


When we learn about the moon we are told she has cycles: Full, Waning, New and Waxing. Seems pretty cut and dry! So why could I never truly grasp this concept as it has been dictated to us ‘on book’ for years? Because it isn’t, at least to me, quite so cut and dry.

The first thing that seemed odd to me is that the Full Moon seems to be credited with being ‘full’ of feminine power and all the energies that come with that distinction. Definitely emphasized more so than the Dark or New Moon…. She is definitely more visible, and she wakes me up every night as she passes any window I’ve ever slept under … but, when the moon grows from New to Full, her energy is partnered with Grandfather Sun, for it is actually his light that we are seeing. He illuminates her.

So while most…

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