Wise Woman Sisterhood

Wise Woman SisterhoodÄngsälvor_-_Nils_Blommér_1850

The Wise Woman Sisterhood is a branch of the Shamanic Wise Woman
formed by Sidonia Nightsky ® 2014.

This is the physical group meeting locally in Appalachia Ohio, currently McArthur Ohio.


The Wise Woman’s Sisterhood formed to cultivate the work and teaching of wise women and healers. Book discussions and reviews, women’s news, healing, medicinal, and spiritual interests. Sharing healing, sending prayers, holding ceremonies in-group and virtually via an internet event. Discussing the issues of a female nature, health, sexual, and well-being are easier when in the company of like-minds such as, the maiden, mother, and the crone. Information related to the (hedge witch) wise woman, sharing spirit, love, art, and related information from a wise woman’s perspective.

The group also is supportive of battered, women who are going through difficult times and who need help. Including Teens, looking for help or have questions that they are afraid to ask at home. Education is the best form of prevention. If we do not have answers, we will get them.
Disputes and differences of opinion are not tolerated, and must be settled peacefully, if necessary, an arbitrator will intervene.

All information must be informative, shared without bias, and words used with thought. We are all part of The Great Mother and know the “law of what goes out comes back”. As Wise Women use good judgment, are considerate, and respectful of others and shrewd.

The Shamanic Wise Women has formed affiliations with the Millionth Circle, Shamanic Wise Women, Red Tents, and The Shamanic Woman in Shaman.World.

The Millionth Circle started by Joan Shinoda Bolen, M.D. is a guide to women’s circles, and also connects and mentors women’s circles around the world. The Millionth Circle, is an on-line forum, and offers support, mentoring, references, links, and events.

We are also registered with DeAnna L´am as global members of the Red Tents.

As Wise Women we celebrate the women’s rights of passage, maiden, mother, crone. Puberty, birth, and menopause. The Red Tents offers a guide to setting up the woman’s circle, and mentoring.


The “Mesa” is an altar, (aka a table) that centers the Shamanic Wise Woman.  The circle comes together in quiet, at the sound of singing bowl around the Mesa.

What are the intentions of the Wise Woman Sisterhood?

1. To meet at least virtually (over the internet ether), when called. In addition, physically at least once a month.

2. To meet on World Goddess Day the 1st Sunday of September and on Candlemas (Imbolc) February 2, every year, with Sidonia Nightsky at Hawks Landing Retreat Center, and in Conjunction with Kathy Jacobson’s Circle at Broadwell Hill Learning Center every year. Physically, and in the ether’s with the circle members of the Shamanic Wise Women.

World Goddess Day will be celebrated with a Despacho Ceremony.
Candlemas (also known as Groundhog day, and Imbolc) with Kathy Jacobson’s and community candles.

3. To be of support and unite with like minded women without judgment, keeping everything spoken in circle within circle, holding respect for all members.

4. To celebrate the Woman’s rites of passage

5. Elder’s mentor the young, and the young respect the elders.

6. All members will make and carry a Mesa bundle

7. Circle will always have an opening and closing

8. No membership Fee

9. Donations for refreshments and any supplies contributed by members as a common fund, this includes funds for activities and sustainability.

10. Membership will not be determined by a person’s financial status, race, or linage.

11. Any changes must be made by a vote, discussions, and unanimous count.

12. Discussions in group will be held using a talking stick/feather.

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