Virtual Intention

Dec. 2, 2015

Each day the news carries information to our ears about the suffering and pain of innocent victims of violence all over the world. Many of us being empathetic are very sensitive to what goes on around us; it is a feeling that tears as deeply as that of a mother losing a child. Some people turn to religion when times are tough, looking for an answer from the great creator. Others look to what means they can employ to solve their problems, legal or not.

The world’s children will face greater challenges in the future than any our ancestors ever thought possible. Gaia, (mother earth) gave us her resources to sustain ourselves and maintain the planet for eternity. Now, it will all rest in the next generation and technology to preserve and restore what is left. It is our job to hold space for that generation.

This brings us to our intention, Wise Women. Intention object purpose aim goal reason focus heart of the matter. The shaman journeys with intention. When we send energy, we do so, for a purpose, we have intention.

What is holding space? We offer unconditional love and support, give gentle guidance when it is needed, and safety. It is possible to hold space for anyone who needs it, and it is possible to hold space for the circle or for just one person.

“When people feel that they are held in a deeper way than they are used to, they feel safe enough to allow complex emotions to surface that might normally remain hidden. Someone who is practiced at holding space knows that this can happen and will be prepared to hold it in a gentle, supportive, and nonjudgmental way (Plett, H. 2015)”.


Just around the corner, the call goes out for the women of our group. Please join us for 30 minutes on Monday Dec. 7 at 6 pm EST to light a candle and say a prayer. Take any approach you like ~ drum, rattle, sing, dance, or simply sit in silence . . . you can be in front of your altar, in a park or anywhere else!

The virtual intention is to bless victims of violence everywhere and to ask for the best for all involved.

Like other groups, we will continue this energy sending every week with one of our members holding space for the container, this week I will hold energy . . . look forward to connecting with you in Spirit.

I set the time for 6 PM so our women in Europe can participate, as it will be 11:30 PM.

Many blessings today and all days, aho!!

Let us keep this energy sending ongoing each week, as at least one woman volunteers to hold the space each week, please offer?  Thank you.

Love and light


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