Love Magic

Love Magic and a Brief Segment on Holistic Management


Oh— it is February, love is in the air. Magic and flowers and hearts oh my… Everyone wants to be in love or to be loved. True? Of course, however, it is not ethical to covet the neighbors wife, daughter, husband, son, or significant other. Nor is it ethical to want that person who wants nothing to do with wanting another, or has no interest in a love relationship. Let us get that out of the way right out front.
Ok, you could just google Love Spells, guess what “383,000,000” results. Take your pick.

All magic must respect free will. Clearly, a love spell tampers with the receiver’s free will. A spell that forces a person into feeling love (or hate) is harmful. Spells that fall into the unacceptable category usually start with the word “make”. Some examples include “Make a certain person jealous” and “Make your partner faithful”. A few other words the spells may include are cause, render, force, compel, and I command.

Love magic, is a craft, magic, and an art. There are hundreds, thousands of ways to make yourself attractive to another to snare another, and respect another’s free will. For example, there are oils with erotic scents, made to be attractive and drawing. The powers of certain oils can also increase your confidence, and ability to be social and outgoing.

This is where “Manifesting your destiny”, appears. As a strong believer in manifesting, if you want it to happen, it will… Therefore, if you want love, you have to apply yourself! You cannot sit at home in front of the Television and wait for that special person to knock on your door, and sweep you across the threshold. Ah… Ha….
Magic… Not without your participation.8589130495245-hearts-and-kisses-wallpaper-hd

So to make magic… there are the ingredients, and activities and words, the energy (magic), and getting out there to make it happen. Then–stirring the pot, so to speak.

There are plenty of ingredients out there, from oils and salts to herbs and washes, from incense to candles, and stones to flower petals. Ritual, meditation, bathe, dance, or drum. The magic is only the foundation, and then there is the intention, and finally putting it all together and applying it. Stirring the pot. Now, yes, feel the energy… your energy… let it build.

It will happen, when it happens. You cannot “make” it happen, just be ready. Stay clear, clean, focused, on the opportunity, attract, and manifest.
Below, you will find a “items” of interest on Love for your journal. The internet is overflowing right now, and I do not want to copy what is not mine. So with that in mind, “harm none, do as you will”.
Here is a list of common plants, herbs and roots used in love magic with some tips about how to use them:

Apple Blossoms: One of the simplest love attracting spells involves dropping these pretty blossoms in your bath. It is said to make others thing that you are more attractive than you are! Apple blossoms are also said to increase fertility. Can be bought as incense, oil or perfume
Bayberry is used a commercial oil. It is bought by men and worn on the pulses to attract women. Can be bought as incense, oil or perfume. You also can use the leaves in your bath.

Caraway Seeds: Carried on the person to increase lust in another.
Cinnamon: Used in love sachets and sprinkled under the sheets of the bed to increase passion between two people. It is also burned as incense. Can be bought as incense, oil or perfume. Cinnamon brooms…

Coriander: Carried on the person, sprinkled under the sheets or used in food recipes to deepen and strengthen an existing love relationship.

Cumin: Used in recipes or sprinkled around the bed to keep a lover faithful to you.
Jasmine: Can be bought as incense, oil or perfume. The flowers are rare, but if you can find them they are sprinkled on the bed or stuffed in a pillow to ensure a successful seduction. Beautiful sweet smell on summer nights, under the full moon.

Orange Blossoms: Used as oil, perfume, as a plant or in a sachet to attract a marriage proposal.
Rosemary: Used in every way, ingested, as incense, as oil and in a sachet, to bind two people together in a gentle loving manner. Also available as perfume, incense, and oil

Sweet Pea: An attraction flower. The plant is kept in the garden to attract friends and lovers. Bathing in the flowers is thought to increase popularity.

Vanilla: Tucked under the bed, these are thought to lower another’s inhibitions. Carried on the person, vanilla’s vibration is thought to cause others to find you’re seductive. Can be bought as perfume, incense, and oil.

Venus-di-Milo-SS-VDM-4Wearing certain gemstones can also enhance a person’s success with love. Rose quartz is excellent for attracting love, and for helping a person with concerns of love, faithfulness, and rekindling love.
Amber, amethysts and emeralds, and rose quartz are particularly good jewelry choices if you’re looking to attract a potential lover and romantic partner. Carrying a rose quartz crystal, rhodochrosite or moonstone in your bag or pocket will also do the trick when you’re on a first date or meeting with someone you have a crush on. If you’re looking for a lot of passion in your life, or to stimulate passion in a budding relationship, try jaspers or beryl (example, emerald or aquamarine).
From candles to amulet bags, sigils and elixirs it is all in the intention and desire. The magic should always be used responsibly. Please do not try to influence the free will of another person and most importantly, be careful, especially when using candles.

If you are experimenting with aphrodisiacs please, also beware. The famous “Spanish fly” irritates the urinary tract causing an erection in men, but may have serious side effects. The same happens with the Horn of the Rhinoceros, although side effects may be more severe for poor rhinos endangered. Magick should be used to improve life, never to harm it.

Keep a positive attitude, keep the concentration, not give up, and you will find true love, eventually!

Now the Brief Segment on Holistic Management

Holistic Management is a process of decision-making and planning that gives people the insights and management tools needed to understand nature: resulting in better, more informed decisions that balance key social, environmental, and financial considerations.

Speaking of Holistic Management in the last blog, and applying it to “Diversity in Spiritual Practices” was intended as a tool in understanding the “range” of Spiritual Practices, as humans make more informed decisions on the social roll that religion is playing right now in the construct of living.

“Progress in managing sustainable solutions to be more self-sufficient is getting progressively more important. Communities are facing the pressing problems tied to a failing agriculture, desertification, and climate change”. Adding to this now is religious insurgency, all this affects us, and if everything goes the way as forecast–, Holistic Management will help create sustainable lifestyles to provide from the land, far into the future.

As a steward of the land, it is important that energy and time is constantly being injected to maintain balance and sustain the environment within the community. Stewardship involves Holistic Management and Energy Exchange.

Blessings and Love!


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