Spiritual Practice a Daily Practice

the gypsy muchaSpiritual Practice Daily Practice
I had an important realization the other day concerning the importance we need to give our spiritual practice. The Full Moon approaches, in just two days it will peak. The altar cleared, items cleansed, and replaced in a new arrangement. The candles lit, all items smudged, and spirits receive offerings, sage, vodka, spring water, and milk.
I had this realization that if we are serious about our spiritual journey we need to give the same if not more importance to our spiritual practice as we do bring money home to pay bills.

smudge lighting

Think about how keeping your job affects your life. What happens if you do not take your job seriously, you will lose your job? Now what happens when you do not take your spirituality seriously?  Being serious about our spiritual practice… we can improve our life. Do you take your spiritual practice serious?

A daily practice is useful to keep reminding you, to keep pulling you back and waking you up again, giving you a chance to see how you got lost the day before, and to keep putting what’s happening to you in the world back into a spiritual perspective.
Before going farther, I have to clarify, spiritual practice can relate to any deity on YOUR path.

coexist 2No matter what your belief, you can create a daily spiritual practice, to reflect your pure heart.
You can tune to the spirit through a variety of practices. Look to each method to keep opening you in its own unique way. At the beginning, when you are trying different methods, be generous with yourself. There will be a method to fit your unique desire. If you come to a practice with a pure heart and a yearning to be free, it will reflect back the purity of your aspiration.
Spiritual practice is not a way to achieve anything or to get somewhere else. You are already here. You do spiritual practices because you do spiritual practices—not to get to some other state, but to get in touch with who you already are, to clear the dust from the mirror, to come more fully into the present moment. altar-right-side

Before beginning a daily program, carefully consider a number of factors. Here, we will attempt to describe the basics of starting and increasing your program of Deity worship at home. As each spirit soul is a unique individual, devotees have strong personal inclinations towards a certain type of devotional activity. Whatever your personal inclinations you may be more inclined towards chanting, writing, while others are inclined to Deity worship. It is important to keep in mind the basic principles of Deity worship.
Now put the daily practice into motion, do not worry if you miss a day. Just believe you will be there daily. A routine activity helps with the level of maintenance and quality of the ceremony. Using simplistic like food and flowers.

In all cases, resist the temptation to worship just any Deity form because it’s more pleasing ‘decoratively’, or the deity is pretty, or because your friends are. One should understand beforehand exactly what they are getting into in terms of commitment and responsibility.

Mask images1

Setting the Foundation
Choose the space for the altar, a cabinet, shelves, a nook, or other safe space to hold your objects is now needed. Clean the space thoroughly before setting it up, and be sure to keep it clean. It needs to be in a safe place away from pets and children, so placement is important.
While it is often tempting to use well-loved pieces of fabric or other belongings on an altar, it is recommended that only new, unused items be placed on the altar. For example, fabrics should be clean; offering plates or cups should be new and unused; and items that have been used to worship in other traditions or practices are best avoided.

Do not get trapped in your expectations. Spiritual practices can themselves become obstacles if you become too attached to them. Use these methods as consciously as you can, knowing that, if they are truly working, eventually they will self-destruct.
1. You should find a ritual/routine that is so short and simple you have no excuse skip it. Ever. This will probably be so short and simple that it alone will not be satisfactory. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that you at least have something you do every. Single. Day.
2. It takes time for a routine to become a habit. Once it is a habit, it will be harder not to do it than it is to do it. The general rule of thumb is that it takes 3 weeks of daily practice to make something into a habit.
Once you have formed your short and sweet habit, you now have a nucleus that you can start to build your religion around. This process will probably be slow. It probably will not be as immediate and glamorous as you would like. Nevertheless, as long as you are being consistent and never going backwards, it is good enough.

Blessings Sisters,



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