Prayer Beads

Wonderful article, many wonder what to use mala bead or the witches ladder. Excellent description. Thank you!


The concept of prayer beads has been used by many cultures throughout history.  It is a tool of focus for things like reflection, meditation, intent, or to count repetitions of prayers without taking the focus of intent away from the prayer.  They can also be used as physical reminder of the beginning and end of each breath in breathing meditations. The beads work on many levels, both psychological and metaphysical.  They partner with your higher self to carry your intentions, your words to the universe, to lose the conscious self and commune with the spirit self.  Depending on the type of beads used to make the prayer string, they even have energetic properties such as spiritual protection, healing, and balancing.  They are often worn by the user not only to keep them close, but as talismans charged with such properties as mentioned above.

As you work with a set of beads, you…

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