Feather Wrapping

I really love your stuff! Your work is really awesome and your page is inspiring!


The element of air, in my opinion, is one of the hardest to really describe.  It is at times invisible to the naked eye, yet an awareness of its presence is always there. It can be felt in a breeze, heard in a wind chime, seen in smoke, smelled in scents, and even tasted to some degree…just lick the air at the sea’s edge.  It is the vehicle of spirit and with that also an avenue for the flying ones or bird clans.

In my spiritual practice, birds are quite important to me; my main guides appear as giant vultures and walk with me on my journey, at times carrying me, taking flight into unknown adventures.  For me it is a gift and I am often bestowed with the honor of a feather to remind me of my path or as a tool for healing or other energy workings.


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