Handing Down Traditions

It is our legacy of gifting treasures handed down from one generation of woman to the next. From mother to daughter, aunt to niece, from friend to friend, these traditions create a chain binding the feminine legacy.
Elders, pass along many treasures to the mother and maiden over time. Their wisdom earned through personal experience, schooling, and even intuition. We can be reluctant to take on this birthright, or legacy. Being a mentor for others takes responsibility and commitment, ready to answer to the call when needed.
Many women (and men) apprentice with a family member, to carry on the shamanic traditions some hundreds of years old. An apprentice may study herbs, ceremonies, journeywork, healing members in the community, and divination. The elder would tell stories and teach through crafting. Tools and regalia were often handed down or hand crafted. All shamans agreed upon and taught universal truth,
And journey to three worlds, the lower world, the middle world, and the upper world.

peruvian women

In Mongolia, traditional indigenous family lie deep in the lands of the reindeer people, a nomadic tribe from before written history who cared for the reindeer and in exchange was given their food and clothes and all sustenance from that mighty animal. These people often spent months alone leading their herds to the best grazing lands in the high plateaus of the Himalayas and Outer Mongolia.
The Tungus are an indigenous people of Siberia located in the Altai Mountains. The literal translation of the Tungus word Saman, means, “To know”. Other research indicates that the word Shaman was derived from earlier peoples, perhaps even the Vedic people of northern India. One such example is that the Tibetan word for a Buddhist monk is Samana.
The indigenous Shaman served their community, as the healer who cared for the tribe, through herbs, divination, dream work, and often kept balance in the community with their power to control weather, and use their divination skills for successful hunts. However, healing the spirit is the shaman’s primary function.
The shaman had the ability to use altered states of ecstasy produced through sheer will and balance to enter other realms of consciousness not possible for the average person.

The wise women have handed down their traditions to their daughters for centuries. Shamanism is only one healing method; there were also Midwives, Doula’s and herbalists, who were persecuted during the witch trials. Women today are still persecuted for their practices of Wise Woman healing, or just being women. This is another story for another time, the persecution of Women.

There have been a lot of debates these days about tradition and linage and the new shaman. In the groups that I am facilitating, traditional shaman’s and practicing shaman’s are members. In addition, there are members that are curious or just women in need of female like-minded companionship.

My legacy, and linage have determined my path as a Shaman, my work is for the community as an elder. It was handed down through the female line, and includes the experience of near death on more than one occasion.

The next generation is here, and being born. Our place in this world is to prepare their way, not with war, terrorism, racism, or religious conflicts. Our place is to teach them there can unity. The cycle must be broken. Our children have to be protected; our children have to be taught violence, rape, drugs, are not the way of the future. Where are the Wise Women? The Hopi know, the Grandmother’s know, listen to your own inner voices, and you will know. You are one of them. Join the circle, form the circles, work within your community, and work to make this world a better place. It is your linage and your world too.

Love and light~

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